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We are the Bright Futures Faith Based Partner for Soaring Heights Elementary School. There are a couple of ways to get involved. 


Bright Futures Lunch PALS
The Bright Futures Lunch PALS program pairs a caring adult with an elementary student who needs a positive role model in his/her life. It also brings another caring person into the life of a child and offers children the opportunity to have adult friends. The program is simple: adult volunteers commit to having lunch with a student once a week for 30 minutes. After lunch there is time (if you choose) to read a book, play a board game, or just talk. The one-on-one relationship that develops between the student and adult often makes a profound difference in a child’s life.

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TREK (Together Reaching Every Kid) can give students the extra help they need by bringing a devoted and caring individual into a child’s life. As a TREK volunteer, you share one-on-one time with a child once a week for an hour after school. By meeting with the same student every week, you will have the opportunity to build a personal relationship with a child and share in his or her learning process. As a TREK volunteer, you commit one hour a week, from 3-4 p.m., at Soaring Heights Elementary school to help a student work on reading and writing. 
TREK Volunteer Application Form

Bright Futures Friends [Bright Futures Friends]
Middle school can be tough. It’s a transitional time period in a student’s life physically, emotionally and mentally. Positive role models who are willing to spend time listening and sharing can help students achieve and succeed. Bright Futures Friends do just that: they listen, share and help mentor students by spending an hour with them each week at East Middle School.

As a Bright Futures Friend you…

  • Provide one hour serving as a positive mentor each week for a middle school student at the school.
  • Attend a training session to help you learn more about the BFF program and how to be a positive mentor for a student.
  • Have the opportunity to attend additional school activities with the student if you choose.
  • Get to know a really cool kid who may not have a positive influence in his or her life.
  • Show someone that you care and that success in life is possible and achievable.      

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School Volunteer

Our schools are always looking for volunteers! Below are just a few of the opportunities:

  • PTO
  • Bright Futures Site Councils
  • Parents serving in classrooms for school parties
  • And, more

In order to serve in a one-on-one capacity with students, you will need to complete the information for a background check. Those who will not be working alone with students and will be supervised by school personnel at all times will not be required to complete this portion.

School Volunteer Sign Up Here

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